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Hello! Today I have been cleaning the house all day, mainly doing some surface finishing. It is very tiring to do house cleaning I think. Especially since our house is pretty big. Before we used to live in an apartment and then it was quite easy to do the cleaning because it wasa not so big. I lied when I said I have been cleaning all day. At lunch I went into the city and ate some with my friend Kate. We ate sushi and it was so good, I love asian food, and there is like no carbs ...

Customise a LCD screen

I think everybody have heard about something called a LCD screen. But not everyone know what it stands for. It stands for Liquid Crystal Display. It's usually a digital watch, that's the most normal one. But I've heard that you can make a custom designed lcd. It can be anything you like. It can be a picture, a watch and other stuff. I've got to look into that a bit more. I've just heard about it and got really curious. I wonder how much it costs. I'll have to look into that.